St. Mary's Parish
St. Mary's Catholic Church -- 600 Avenue B Sterling, IL 61081 -- Call 815-625-0640 -- Rev. James Keenan- Pastor

Money Counters


To help out the Financial Office, members of our Parish have volunteered their time to count the weekend collections and to make the required deposits to the bank.  Since this is a weekly job that must be done in an accurate and timely manner, there are four teams who each successively take a month at this important task.

Counters usually meet on Monday mornings at 9:00 AM at the Parish Center with their respective team, consisting of around 8 members each.  Four of those members are control persons who are present each week and who also help in the computer recording of the results.

Money counters need to be mathematically accurate, dependable, conscientious, confidential and trustworthy.  They must be approved by the Parish business office and by the Pastor. 

For further information contact Ed Schweiss at (815)625-6857.