St. Mary's Parish
St. Mary's Catholic Church -- 600 Avenue B Sterling, IL 61081 -- Call 815-625-0640 -- Rev. James Keenan- Pastor



The physical plant of the Parish is comprised of many buildings, containing many rooms and areas which must be maintained and in good order at all times.  Although the Parish has a paid maintenance staff, there are numerous things that would not get done without the help of parishioners who volunteer their services and knowledge.


Painting, extraordinary cleaning and small construction projects, etc. are all projects that the Parish relies on volunteers to help with.  On small jobs, volunteers can work at the convenience of their own schedule and time available.  On larger projects, where a number of volunteers are required, the project would be coordinated to the convenience of as many people as possible.


Snow removal can be a huge task as both the Parish and school grounds need to be cleared in a timely manner.  Anyone with a plow, snow blower, or shovel is encouraged to help out.

For further information contact Andres Quintana at (815)625-0640 x225.