St. Mary's Parish
St. Mary's Catholic Church -- 600 Avenue B Sterling, IL 61081 -- Call 815-625-0640 -- Rev. James Keenan- Pastor

Liturgy Committee


The Liturgy Committee’s primary responsibility is to plan and coordinate our Parish’s liturgical celebration, which is central to our Parish life.  This group establishes a theme for the various liturgical seasons of the Church’s year.  Through thoughtful planning, they aim to create an atmosphere and mood which is proper for each season.  Good planning requires a familiarity with the Church’s feasts and seasons together with a deep appreciation for the liturgy.  Art, music, and Scripture are all integral parts of our Parish’s worship. 


The Committee is under the direction of the Pastor.  Various liturgical ministries are represented on this Committee, which meet 6-8 times each year at the Parish Center.  Membership is open to all adult parishioners of high school age or older. 

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