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Altar Servers



Altar Servers were formerly called Acolytes.  The name “acolyte: comes from the Greek word meaning “follower”.  This name may come from rites in which the acolyte followed the priest, assisting him, or just simply a follower of Christ.

An altar server is a girl or boy who is in the fourth grade through high school, who is in good standing in the religious education program, or in the Catholic Schools.

Servers directly help the Priest, Deacon, and special ministers of the Eucharist at Mass and other Holy Rites.  Servers are required to attend a training session and occasional reviews during their service period.  They are scheduled about twice each month.

As “followers”, Altar Servers should learn to grow to be better young men and women, and be followers of Christ.  By learning to serve others, young people learn to serve God.  Our parish has about 45 servers.  Any young person wishing to be an Altar Server should contact his/her teacher, Priest, or fill out the contact form below.

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