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CHRP – Christ Renews His Parish

Similar to a retreat, this process is centered on reflections by team members.  The focus is on the Father’s loving care for us, Scripture, Eucharist, and what Christian life is all about.  The purpose of CHRP is to strengthen and deepen one’s personal relationship with Christ.  It is an excellent opportunity to meet and bond with other parishioners.

The retreat weekend usually begins at 8:00 AM on Saturday and goes until around 3:00 PM on Sunday (includes a Saturday overnight).  There are separate weekends for men and women and they are scheduled in the spring and/or fall.  Any Parishioner over the age of 19 may attend the retreat.

Once a retreat is made, those members make up the team for the next group of candidates.  The team consists of nine people.  The number of people attending the retreat each time varies.  Each group meets for about six months following the retreat weekend.  Meetings are not mandatory and are held at the Parish Center on a weekly basis with the team making the choice of time and day.

St. Mary’s started the Christ Renews His Parish program in the spring of 1995.

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